Foam party

Do you want to dance in the foam? Then consider the Blijwin foam party!

Blijwin comes over at your children’s disco and makes the party even more fun with a real foam machine. This machine squirts approx 12 meters of snow into the public; success guaranteed!

Combinations of disco, entertainment and games

The children’s disco of Blijwin is a combination of disco, entertainment and games. Through the use of this combination the kids disco is amazingly cool for children of all ages (4-13). During the show the children can even win stickers!

Foam party outside

The foam party is also available together with the Blijwin event shelter to make sure the foam party goes on at every condition: the children’s disco and foam party equipments are protected against most weather conditions 🙂

Do you want to book a foam party?

Send an email to and you’ll get a quotation.