CEO letter

CEO letter Blijwin

At Blijwin we believe every child is different and every child is unique, but they all have one thing in common: potential. That is what we are there for. We are in the business of unleashing potential. Blijwin is passionate about helping children develop social life skills that they can call on at school, with family and friends... and later on, in their chosen careers.

We believe fun learning is the most powerful learning. If you child’s eyers are sparkling when dancing at our parties, then something special is happening. That’s when your children will grow the most: when they are able to express themselves through dancing, singing and enjoying the beauty of music in a free, social environment surrounded by family and friends.

Spreading and sharing happiness is Blijwin’s most important value. Children deserve to discover that although they might face difficulties along the way, with happiness and opportunism everything is possible. And along this way, these brave, lovely, laughing children build social strength, coordination, and the ability to discover who they are and who they want to become. They learn how to share, control their bodies as they dance on the rhythm of the music, they learn to socialise with their friend, and learn that yes, they can do it! When the children learn to spread this happiness as well, Blijwin has achieved its most important goal.

That is why everyone at Blijwin knows that it isn’t just an entrepreneurial opportunity - it is a life decision. The Blijwin team exist of people who all want to become part of this movement of spreading and sharing love, happiness and opportunism. Blijwin will continue to grow in the Netherlands with the kind of people that are passionate about developing and growing the next generation, and recognise the power of making little eyes sparkles.

And Blijwin will never compromise: the next generation is the future and we want the future to be filled with happiness for all. Potential just can’t be compromised, it should be unleashed.

Edwin Rasser

Founder & CEO