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Expand your children's disco with fun extras!

Do you have a party outside?

Do you want to organize the Blijwin children’s disco at an outdoor event? With the unpredictable Dutch weather it is important to provide for a shelter for the DJ. Since 2018 Blijwin has found the perfect solution: the Children’s Disco event shelter!

Have a look at the tent!


Make your party even more exciting with these Blijwin activities. You can take pictures of the event with our own PhotoBooth. You’ll get all the photo’s digital and the children/parents could also share them directly on social media or download them on their smartphones. Blijwin has everything you could wish for to give your child the best birthday party of their life.


Everyone can take pictures with the Blijwin PhotoBooth! You can print the photos or email them right away and after the party you’ll get them in high quality as well!

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Everyone is welcome to sing a song! More than enough choice from the more than 25.000 songs. Come and sing along!

Foam party

Let the children dance in foam with the foam party from Blijwin! The foam gets very far and the children transform into real living snowmen!

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You can also order additional materials to make the party even MORE exciting :)


Bubble machine

Make your party even more exciting with bubbles flying all over your head. Who can pop bubbles the best? Find it out with the amazing Blijwin bubble machine!


Snow machine

How cool is this! You can turn your party into a real foam party! Wanna bet that all your friends are jealous of you?



A party wouldn’t be a party without confetti, so the Blijwin confetti cannon is absolutely essential to make your party the coolest of all!



Do you want a cool party in the dark? The blacklight is the perfect fit for you. Dancing in the dark with colors everywhere… Blijwin takes care of it!