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The Best School Party Ever

School party

Blijwin organises the very best disco parties at primary schools in The Netherlands. We do this through our established combination of disco, entertainment and games. Our complete programme is adapted to the age of the children, so that all children can dance to the music they like!

With the entire school at the same time

Partying with everyone at the same time? Inside or outside? It’s all possible! Blijwin arranges the right variety of children’s music, popular music and dances that all children can enjoy! Because the children can win stickers and other small prizes, they all participate enthusiastically. If the school party is outside, Blijwin brings the special disco tent. Not only does this tent look awesome, it also makes sure all equipment is sheltered from extremely sunny weather or rain.

In separate age groups

It’s also possible to divide the disco in multiple shifts. For example, the show could consist of half an hour for the youngest, an hour for the older children and an hour and a half for the oldest children. This way, the music and the entertainment can be attuned to the children even better. Naturally, this show also comprises the established combination of disco, entertainment and games.

Equipment for your school party

Equipment is always included in every Blijwin disco. This means you don’t have to rent any equipment for the school party yourself. Blijwin has all knowledge and equipment at its disposal (speakers, disco lights, turntable, etc.) to turn the school party into a professional disco. Would you like something extra for your school party? A smoke machine, confetti cannon, bubble machine or laser lighting? All this can also be arranged.

A variety of extras for your party

Aside from the standard children’s disco equipment, Blijwin can also arrange a number of extras: a photo booth, a bouncy castle or a face painter… you name it and Blijwin makes sure it’s there.

School party

The Best School Party Ever

This is what we do:
We provide a DJ who brings real disco equipment: speakers, disco lights and a turntable. We can turn a gym, auditorium or classroom into a real disco. We can also host a party on your playground! The DJ plays music fitting the age of the children; the best music suitable for a school environment. The DJ alternates the disco with fun battles and games! The show can be provided in English, Dutch, German, French, or a combination of these languages.


  • you’ll receive special disco posters in advance to announce your school party
  • we hand out small prizes to the children who won games during the disco

Extras at your children's disco

Have a look at the other extras Blijwin offers to make your children's disco even more complete!

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Meester Jan met pensioen: afscheid met kinderdisco

Meester Jan met pensioen: afscheid met kinderdisco

In juli was het dan eindelijk zo ver: het afscheid van meester Jan. Hij vertelt ons hoe hij dit onvergetelijke afscheid ervaren heeft.

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Why Blijwin?

  • Our customers rate our services with a 9.5
  • We can provide the show in English, Dutch, French, German, or a combination of these languages
  • We entertain the kids from start to finish
  • Our discos are always attuned to the specific age group
  • We arrange discos for kids between 4 and 13 years old
  • We’re only satisfied when we see the children smile
  • On a yearly basis, we organise more than 200 discos and make ten thousands of children happy
  • Our shows are child-friendly but absolutely not childish
  • “This was the best party ever!” is something we get to hear quite frequently