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The Childen's disco tent: essential for your outdoor event!

Children's disco event shelter


Do you want the Blijwin children’s disco at your outdoor event?
In that case it is important to have a shelter for the DJ. Since 2008 Blijwin has got the perfect solution for this: the Children’s disco tent!

The Blijwin Children’s disco tent is not only amazingly beautiful, he is also really functional. The event shelter makes sure that the DJ can perform at your outdoor event, for instance at a children’s disco at a festival, street party or somewhere else.

With a lot of attention and care, thousands of details have been processed within this amazing shelter; everyone instantly knows a big party is coming up!

A children’s disco outside

The Blijwin disco is being performed outside more and more: at a neighbourhood or street party, festivals, schools, shopping mals… for every outdoor event you can use the Blijwin children’s disco! However, there is always one challenge: the weather. It can be too wet, too warm: in any case the DJ needs a roof.

The most beautiful project ever

The Blijwin Children’s disco tent obviously isn’t a usual party tent. It is a real happy tent in which everyone would like to dance! We were so lucky to find a supplier that was able to make a firm and beautiful folding tent which could become fully printed. The designer of Blijwin immediately started making an amazing design. Also a photoshoot was planned because not every picture from the past was of extreme good quality (the photo’s are printed immensely big at the event shelter). This all led to the most amazing and beautiful design of all times!

Safety and happiness go hand in hand

Of course the children’s disco tent meets the two most important requirements: safe and happy. The children’s disco shelter is extremely safe: it will remain at its place until wind force 8 and is without any guy line (these could cause dangerous stumbling situations). Instead the tent is fixed with heavy floor plates.

So, a real Blijwin event shelter. In the past Blijwin already had a pretty standard party tent. However this started leaking and also we did not really thought it was beautiful as well. Occasionally Blijwin rented an event shelter or an event shelter was made available by a client. The problem was that none of these solutions met my most important demands: safe & happy. There even was this one case I was playing music in a tent of a client and the tent collapsed due to the heavy wind. We had luck that in this specific case now one got hurt, but happy is different.

Oh and by the way, the Blijwin tent also is fire resistant; not that we plan to set in on fire (for the smoke we have a smoking machine), but for certain events it is required to have a quality mark for this. And the Blijwin tent has this quality mark.

Do you want to know more about using the Blijwin children’s disco tent at your outdoor event? Send me an email.

Is your children’s disco inside? Blijwin now offers a very nice children’s disco decor in the same style!

Children's disco event shelter

Extras at your children's disco

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Extras at your children's disco

Have a look at the other extras Blijwin offers to make your children's disco even more complete!

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Kinderdisco foto
Kinderdisco foto
Kinderdisco foto

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Expand your children's disco with fun extras!

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Why Blijwin?

  • Our customers rate our services with a 9.5
  • We can provide the show in English, Dutch, French, German, or a combination of these languages
  • We entertain the kids from start to finish
  • Our discos are always attuned to the specific age group
  • We arrange discos for kids between 4 and 13 years old
  • We’re only satisfied when we see the children smile
  • On a yearly basis, we organise more than 200 discos and make ten thousands of children happy
  • Our shows are child-friendly but absolutely not childish
  • “This was the best party ever!” is something we get to hear quite frequently