10 tips for an awesome school party

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1. Throw one party

Primary school is over and everyone wants to have one final party before everyone goes to secondary school. Before you know, you have 6 bbq's, 3 disco parties and a sleepover. This costs so much time organizing it (also for the parents) and it won't fit in all agenda's. The result? At one party half of the girls cannot come and the other time the classmate you would like to ask to be your boy/girlfriend because you already have a crush since fourth grade isn't at the bbq. That is why you should try to combine this all into one party. Throw a party with all your friends and make it totally awesome. In this way, the budget will be higher, you can more easily find a date suited for everyone and most importantly: everyone will be there! Of course a bbq can be combined with a disco as well as with an sleepover, so you won't have to choose between them. If necessary you go from one house to the other: have the bbq at someone with a big garden, organize the disco at one of the parent's company or at school and the sleepover... well, you can have it literally anywhere you want :) Het allerleukste groep 8 afscheidsfeest boek je bij Blijwin >

2. Give if together

This tip continues where the previous one ended: throw the party together. A disco party can cost a lot of money: location, DJ, food and drinks, decoration... Soon it will cost more than your parents are willing to pay. How to solve this? By celebrating it together. In this way, your parents can share the costs, the budget is higher and the party will be much more fun! And the preparations with your friends will be priceless as well! Free bonus tip: use an app easily share the costs, fore example Slice.
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3. Buy an wonderful outfit and make an awesome entrance at the party

As you are organizing the party together with your friends take even more advantage of it by buying a great outfit which fit together nicely and make an awesome entrance at the party! While the quests arae waiting at the disco location already, you are hiding with party poppers. With the DJ you arranged what music you would like to hear when entering. The music starts, you enter the room, there is confetti... everyone will cheer. The party can begin!

4. Think of the best party theme ever

It doesn't even have to be orginal, as long as it is the best theme ever. What works? NEON for example. Get a blacklight (Blijwin can get one for you as well) and light up the crowd. Not only that, when you decorated it properly, everything in the room will ligt up! Do you want cheap decoration? Get some garbage bags and stick it at the walls (it will be dark immediately) and paint them with NEON-paint, which is cheap and you can paint anything you want. And most importanly: it looks amazing! Bonus-tip: do not cut the garbage bags open but keep them as they are. In this way you can use them again and it will be extra dark in the room. Groep 8 disco met blacklight <>

5. Make an inventation with the perfect picture

As you are organizing the party together with your classmates it can become a little confusing from whom the invitations come from and a list with a lot of names is not cool as well. Make a nice group picture (preferably in your theme) and use it as an invitation. Extra tip: put the right times clearly in your invitation! There are always people who show up much too early (which is not convenient at all as the DJ might still be building up) or way too late (and in this way miss your spectacular entrance). Not fun! To avoid confusion, make a clear timtable including walk-in time, the time it begins (and people really have to be inside) and a final time. Do you like the parents being present for a while? Than include this as well in the invitation. Because if the parents

6. Avoid a mountain of gifts

Most likely this party is the final party before heading to the "adult" life. That is why a lot of children probably will give you and your party friends a whole bunch of gifts. As tempted as this sounds, it is not all fun: there are so many small gifts that need to be unpacked, that this will take too much time of your disco. Did you know unpacking a gift takes about one minute? You put so much effort in organizing this party that it would be a waste to lose so much time! The solution? Ask for one big present, this way your friends can buy something together and you get an even bigger present you probably like more. Do you still prefer getting small presents? Simply ask everyone at the invition to write two names at the gift, their name (giver) and your name (receiver). Reserve a table for the gifts and after the party, another one begins: unpacking the gifts! Through the names you can still thank everyone for their gifts personally. Sounds like a win win :)

7. Keep the appetizers simple

Everyone is yelling their head off and is going nuts at the amazing party so obviously everyone's getting hungry because of this. Most important tip: keep it simple! Two bowls with chips, some snack tomatoes and sliced cucumbers is enough. Remember that most people buy way too much food and have many leftovers. Extra tip: only buy food and drinks you also eat and drink at home. This way you don't have to throw away the leftovers.

8. Longer isn't always better!

A discoparty is quite exhausting. The DJ let's you dance, swing and jump during the whole party. How do you make sure everything's going as planned from the beginning to the end? Just make sure the party doesn't last too long. A discoparty is the most fun for around 2.5/3 hours. This way you'll have plenty enough time to dance at all the music you like. Extra tip: to make it even more fun, do some disco-games! With Blijwin this is always included! The Blijwin disco is a combination of disco, battles, games and all the music you and your friends like.

9. The sooner the better

Obviously we are not talking about the times. As to times it is fine to organize the party in between 8 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. No, this is about the date. The earlier you plan the date, the more people are able to come! This is not only important for your classmates (who all have a busy schedule with their sports clubs etc.) but also because you probably want to hiring a DJ. Did you know that Blijwin had to say no 33 times to a specific date last June/July because we were fully booked? We don't like this at all but as we say in Dutch "vol = vol" (no more place). So, be soon with organizing and planning the disco. It is not weird at all to start thinking about it in say February while the party is given in May/June/July.

10. Make sure to make a picture of everyone

This party is the beginning of or part of saying goodbye to primary school. Saying goodbye is never fun, but it really helps to create memories. Ask one of the parents with a camera... or (and this is even more fun) get the Blijwin Photobooth. As everyone will be at the party, this is THE moment to make pictures and create memories!

This were some Blijwin tips for throwing an amazing discoparty. Maybe you can help someone, or maybe it was really interesting for you... In any way... the best disco party is the Blijwin discoparty!

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