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Capture your party with the Blijwin Photo Booth!

Photo Booth for your children's disco or schoolparty


You have probably been to a party before with a Photo Booth. You know, that fun thing in which you can make the craziest photos. The Photo Booth is incredibly popular at weddings and other parties. This amazing Photo Booth is now available for all our school parties! Try it out at your theme party to take pictures of the amazing memories you create or to make photos for the farewell book in your final year of school. And be honest, you’ll do your extra best for the Photo Booth than for a father with a simple camera. How cool is it to have a picture of you and your friends as if your were in space as a true astronaut? Or what to think of chilling at the beach with a cocktail in your hand? Everything is possible with the Blijwin Photo Booth!


With the Blijwin Greenscreen you can make pictures as if you were somewhere else. The greenscreen will be placed near the Photo Booth. We always have different backgrounds available (such as disco, snow, beach, space) but we can also provide extra backgrounds in your theme if you like!

PhotoBooth printer

With the PhotoBooth you and your quests are able to directly mail the photos and of course you’ll receive the photos digitally afterwards as well. This way you’ll be able to make an amazing collage which you can present to your classmates. In this way you’ll relive the party once again! Book the Blijwin Photo Booth with printer and the children can directly print their unique and fun photos to take them home!


To make sure everyone can make amazing photos, the Photo Booth needs guidance. In order to save costs, you can arrange someone yourself to guide the Photo Booth. This person will get a clear explanation about how it works and how for example the paper tray can be filled. Of course, Blijwin can also take care of this instead.

Photo Booth for your children's disco or schoolparty

Extras at your children's disco

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Why Blijwin?

  • Our customers rate our services with a 9.5
  • We can provide the show in English, Dutch, French, German, or a combination of these languages
  • We entertain the kids from start to finish
  • Our discos are always attuned to the specific age group
  • We arrange discos for kids between 4 and 13 years old
  • We’re only satisfied when we see the children smile
  • On a yearly basis, we organise more than 200 discos and make ten thousands of children happy
  • Our shows are child-friendly but absolutely not childish
  • “This was the best party ever!” is something we get to hear quite frequently